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Istria is the northernmost region of Europe where olives can still be grown. The harvest starts earlier than in Italy, Spain or Greece. Here you can learn more about the specialities and traditions of Croatian olive oil and have the opportunity to visit the producers directly on site.



If Istria's olive oils are among the best in the world today, Mr Smilovic with his Agro Millo is one of the biggest reasons why. In 1996 he acquired his first olive oil mill, and his newest mill is his fourth. Now, with his new high-tech olive oil mill, he is once again setting the bar for the future.

Mr. Smilovic is considered a pioneer of modern olive oil production on the Croatian Adriatic peninsula and produces not only his own olive oil, but also the award-winning oils Ipsa, Franco Basiaco, Belci-Meloto and Stancija Meneghetti. (see Day trips). The top wineries Clai and Kozlovic also have their olive oil produced at Agro Millo.

Production is fully automatic at the new plant. The olives are removed from their leaves, washed, dried, ground and the olive paste is then mixed. The olive oil is then cold-extracted with a state-of-the-art "2-phase decanter", a kind of centrifuge.

Agro Millo also produces among other things the pure and fruity olive oil of the Frantoio variety with medium heat, which goes perfectly with fish and vegetables.

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Novigrad Babic Olive

The Babic oil mill is a family business that produces a multi-award winning olive oil. The processing of olives combined with the traditional knowledge and technical know-how produces a first-class extra virgin olive oil:
Green, liquid gold!

Olive oil tasting

"We invite you to visit us and enter a dream world of taste and fragrance where everyone will discover something for themselves!”

Michelle Babić
Stancija Vinjeri 27
52466 Novigrad
Phone: +385 98 335 460
E-mail: uljara.babic@gmail.com

HEALTHY Omajolas Olive


Olive oil from Istria is of an excellent quality. Istria is one of the northernmost areas of Europe where olives grow.

The oil, as a symbol of the Mediterranean Sea, health, and enjoyment, was highly appreciated in Roman times. The olive has determined the history of Istria over thousands of years: The first written evidence of the region dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Istrian olive oil is still considered one of the best oils and is used as a yardstick for categorizing other oils.


Yes, this really exists! The tea is made from the leaves of organically grown olive trees and has a pleasant mild, aromatic, and slightly bitter taste.

Olive leaves contain some very important bioactive substances such as oleuropeins with special antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects. Oleuropein is an antioxidant that occurs in the leaf, fruit, root, and bark of the olive tree.

Omajola's olive trees can be found just outside the old town of Savudrija in an airy location on a gentle slope. An idyllic destination!

Jolanta Pavlovic
Franceskija 54
52475 Savudrija
Phone: +385 527 370 45
E-mail: info@omajolas.com