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Rustic, regional, and ingenious. Konobas are the classic inns in Croatia, where you can enjoy wonderful evenings with fresh fish from the Adriatic and regional specialties. Immerse yourself in the ambience of Croatia and allow yourself to be swept away!



In addition to its pleasant and reasonably priced country hotel, this beautifully restored stone house near the Parenzana cycling path is also a traditional konoba.

The front garden, scented with fresh herbs, is a particularly idyllic spot where seasonal dishes are prepared either under the ashes or at the open fireplace and are accompanied by the best Istrian wines.

The bread, pasta, and gnocchi are homemade and are served, depending on the season, with mushrooms, truffles, pršut, game, beef or chicken goulash.

Our tip:

Homemade pasta with seasonal truffles.

Reservations are required!

52460 Buje
Volpia 3
Phone: +385 52 77 74 60
E-mail: info@parenzana.com.hr




Wide nets drying in the sun, colourful fishing boats, and a light sea breeze from the Adriatic: the quiet bay of Santa Marina in Istria is the backdrop for MaDaLu, a very special kind of fish restaurant with breathtaking scenery that is waiting to be filmed.

The furnishings are a little improvised and are therefore inviting and friendly. You sit on rustic benches on the beach which are partly covered by a white tent. Drinks are prepared at the open bar and the hut smells of the best seafood specialties. The MaDaLu is a hidden gem for the locals.

Our tip:

Classics from the kitchen are the octopus salad, risotto with scampi or squid, and last but not least, the "Fritto Misto" with whiting, squid, anchovies, sardines, and red mullet.

Reservations are required!

Santa Marina
52465 Tar –Vabriga
Phone: +385 958 546 708
or +385 9825 48 99



"Stari Podrum" means "old cellar". The restaurant was originally a liqueur factory before Mira Zrnic and her daughters, Marinka and Ingrid, converted it into a konoba.

The cuisine of the Istrian hinterland is proudly prepared in Stari Podrum with wonderful seasonal delicacies. In the cosy restaurant or in the garden, you can enjoy maneštra, pasta, mushroom and truffle dishes, as well as grilled steaks. Chef Mira is considered a pioneer of the cultivated konoba culture: between 1997 and 2007 she made the Konoba Malo Selo (in Fratrija, near Buje) a place of pilgrimage for countless food lovers.

Our tip:

Mira’s grilled truffled beef steaks are legendary!

Insider tip:
Plum dumplings 

Reservations are required!

Most 52
52462 Momjan 
Phone: +385 527 79 52



For 30 years, Alma and Anton Kernjus have been running one of the most hospitable konobas in Brtonigla.

Almost everything that Istria has to offer can be found on the large open fireplace of Asterea. There are mainly fish from the Adriatic but also lamb and veal steaks cooked under ashes in a clay or iron bell called "peka" or "crpanj". Reservations are recommended.

In summer, there is a beautiful garden next to the restaurant. In winter, the restaurant, with its homemade sausages and olive oil, is a cosy paradise.

Our tip:

You should definitely try the apple strudel from the "peka"!


Of course there is a menu, but we suggest you let the waiters recommend insider seasonal delicacies. Nino speaks English very well.

Reservations are required!

Ronkova 9
52474 Brtonigla
Phone: +385 527 743 84



For more than twenty years, the cosy konoba Bušcina has been offering excellent local cuisine.

Experience regional cuisine as it is meant to be! Enjoy fresh fish and meat from the grill or from the "peka" (or "crpanj", a clay bell under the ashes).

There are also delicious salads, truffle dishes, and great wines. It is a perfect culinary experience from the coast to the hinterland.

For visitors with children, there is also a playground.

Bušcina is a member of the quality association tartufo vero.

Our tip:

Oktopus in der „peka“ gegart - himmlisch!

Reservations are required!

Buscina 18
52470 UMAG
Phone: +385 527 320 88
E-mail: info@konoba-buscina.hr