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HMZ Villa d.o.o.
Ulica Petra Hektorovića 2 · 10000 Zagreb · Croatia 

The company has its registered office in Zagreb; Ulica Petra Hektorovića 2 and was established in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb with the number (MBS) 080987039.

The Personal Identification Number (OIB) is 46956860619the shareholders are H.M.Z. Group GmbH and H.M.Z. Asset GmbH and the managing director, Mr. Manfred Zand.

phone +38 599 461 07 14

Managing Director: Manfred Zand
Contact: Alexander Zand, e-mail

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Katharina Rehberger

Terms & conditions

Icon der HMZ Luxury Villas Istria

We thank you for your booking and ask you to consider the following:

1. Introductory notes

1.1 1.1 The company H.M.Z. Villa d.o.o. (“HMZ“ or "weprovides accommodation and hospitality services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the confirmation and specification of each respective booking of the guest (“Guest” or “Guests”).

1.2 HMZ is not liable for any circumstances beyond our control, such as wars, terrorism, riots and riots, strikes, natural disasters and natural events, epidemics, bans and restrictions by local authorities and the like.

2. Bookings, payment methods and cancellation fees

2.1 When making the booking, the Guest confirms that he is familiar with these Terms and Conditions and accepts them in full. When booking, the Guest must provide all the information requested during the booking process.

2.2 Inquiries and bookings are accepted via our website, post, email, fax, telephone or in person at our reception.

2.3 For the booking to be valid, the Guest is required to make an advance payment in the amount of 30% i.e. 100% of the total amount, depending on the reserved offer. The remaining amount (total amount minus the advance payment) is payable three (3) weeks prior to the planned arrival of the Guest at the latest.

2.4 In case the advance payment is not made by the Guest within the prescribed period, HMZ may withdraw from the agreement.

2.5 Reservation confirmation is presented to our employee upon Guest’s arrival.

2.6 HMZ shall issue proper invoice to Guests for provided accommodation services.

2.7 Unless otherwise agreed between the Guest and HMZ the following cancellation terms apply.

For standard reservations (“best flexible rate”) the following cancellation fees apply:

Cancellation (and including) 60 days prior to the planned arrival – 0% of total amount

Cancellation (and including) 45 days prior to the planned arrival – 70% of total amount

Cancellation 44 days (or less) prior to the planned arrival – 100% of total amount.

Respective cancellation fee is payable within 7 (seven) days from the day of receipt of the cancellation confirmation. In case of late arrival or early departure, total amount of reservation is payable.

Reservations which are categorized as “early bookings” cannot be subsequently changed or cancelled. When booking accommodation in the category of “early bookings” the Guest accepts that the total price of the accommodation is payable within 5 (five) business days from the day of reservation by wire transfer or via Paypal and that this amount is non-refundable.

2.8 In exceptional cases due to unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances, HMZ may (at its sole discretion) offer the Guest with an alternative accommodation of equal value and quality. HMZ is authorized (but not obligated) to cancel the reservation before or during the period in which the Guest is using the accommodation, if unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances occur preventing the use of the accommodation, endangering the Guest or accommodation or lessening the service's quality to the point of it being impossible to provide the contracted service. In this case the Guest will be refunded for payments already made, decreased for the cost of already-used services.

3. Service prices

3.1 The prices are expressed and payable in Euro. Prices for domestic Guests are payable in HRK countervalue at the middle exchange rate of Croatian National Bank on the payment date. HMZ reserves the right to adjust the prices at any time.

3.2 To the Guests who made an advance payment or have provided an acceptable booking confirmation HMZ guarantees the prices which were valid at the moment of booking.

3.3 Tourist tax is payable simultaneously with the payment of the accommodation. The invoice shall separately state the amount of paid tourist tax.

4. Duties of HMZ towards their guests

4.1 The duty of HMZ consists of continual concern for the quality of service provided in accordance with the legal regulations, professional rules and general good practices and standards of the tourism and catering industry.

4.2 HMZ is not liable for the loss or damage to personal property, nor for injuries, accidents or deaths occurred during the Guests' stay. Guests use all content and facilities provided by HMZ at their own risk and responsibility.

5. Duties of the Guests

5.1 Guests are obligated to comply with the house rules. HMZ reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time (without notice) in case the Guest does not adhere to the house rules despite previous warnings. Each Guest in the villa must hold a valid personal document during his/her stay.

5.2 The villas are intended for Guests and their travelling party only.

5.3 It is not permitted to organize parties, events, or gatherings with invited guests other than persons from the travelling party. If this is not adhered to, HMZ reserves the right to terminate the Guest’s stay and charge (cleaning and other) costs.

5.4 HMZ does not accommodate persons under 18 years of age unless they are accompanied by an adult (over the age of 18).

5.5 Our villas may only be accommodated by the maximum number of people listed in the description of each respective villa posted on our website.

5.6 In the event the condition of the villa differs from its condition when booked, the Guest must immediately notify HMZ thereof. All visible irregularities should be reported immediately upon arrival.

6. No-smoking-rule

6.1 According to the Law on Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products, smoking in the villas is not allowed.

7. Night rest

7.1 From 23:00h to 7:00h is the time of night's rest, so we ask the Guests to be kind and not disturb other Guests.

8. Pets

8.1 Subject to prior notification pets are allowed in the following villas:

Villa Cesara

Villa Gioia

Villa Medea

Villa Sylvia

Villa Petra

8.2 The fee per one pet is 25 Euro per day.

9. Arrival and departure

9.1 Guests can check in any time after 16:00h on the day of arrival.

9.2 Guests are required to vacate the accommodation unit by 10:00h on the day of departure at the latest.

10. Parking

10.1 At the premises in which guests are located, Guests have free parking available.

11. Deposit for damages

11.1 When checking in Villas in Vabriga, the Guest is required to pay a deposit in the amount of EUR 750.

11.2 At check-in Villa Helena Poreč the Guest is required to pay a deposit of EUR 1000.

11.3 The deposit is charge through credit card preauthorization and will be returned in full to the Guest upon check-out if no damage occurred to the property.

12. Damages

12.1 The Guest undertakes to reimburse HMZ for all damages or losses incurred as a result of intentional or unintentional acts of the Guest or of other persons in his traveling party. The Guest is liable for the damage in full amount.

12.2 HMZ is only liable for direct damages caused to the Guest and only up to the total amount paid by the Guest for services provided hereunder and upon which the liability is based.

12.3 For the avoidance of doubt, HMZ will not be liable for losses or damages being attributed to, including but not limited to, the following causes:

Actions or omissions of the Guest or of their traveling party;

Unpredictable or inevitable failures of third parties who are not included in providing the service listed in the booking;

Use of swimming pools, children's playgrounds, any sports' or leisure facilities (e.g. saunas etc.). Use of these facilities is exclusively at the Guest's own risk;

Damages and losses due to burglary;

Force majeure.

12.4 For the avoidance of doubt HMZ is not liable for actions or omissions of any third party. Under no circumstances will HMZ’s aggregate liability for any and all claims (including third party claims) arising from or in connection with or in relation to Guest’s stay exceed an amount equal to the amount paid by the Guest to HMZ for the respective services.

13. Protection of personal data

13.1 HMZ is committed to protecting the privacy of all of its Guests. All data relating to Guests is kept strictly confidential and is only accessible to employees who need this data to provide the requested service.

13.2 The information requested from you and your travelling party is necessary for the booking. The manner in which we handle your private data is explained in our Privacy Policy

14. Complaints

14.1 The Guest is entitled to submit his written complaint in the villa itself to HMZ’s staff, by post to the registered seat of HMZ i.e. at Ulica Petra Hektorovića 2, Zagreb, via e-mail within 8 days from the day on which his/her stay in the villa ended. 

14.2 HMZ shall reply to the complaint in writing within 15 days from its submission.

15. Jurisdiction

15.1 All disputes or disagreements shall be settled by consensus, in a manner acceptable to both parties. If such a settlement cannot be reached, all disputes shall be resolved before the competent court in Zagreb.