Istria is a true paradise for outdoor activities if you can manage to step away from the beautiful beaches. There are perfect opportunities for sports such as sailing, surfing, and diving.

Enjoy Istria's first-class wines with a visit to a local winery, taste the high-quality sun-ripened olive oil, and explore Istria by bike - or on the golf course!

Impressive nature reserves and beautiful fjords are also some of the many wonderful highlights for lovers of flora and fauna.

Terra Magica also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of cuisine.

We have put together a list of the best restaurants and konobas for you!


    The hills of Istria can be easily explored by bike. The mild climate is also perfect for a beautiful round of golf in picturesque surroundings - the same goes for tennis. Here you’ll find the best locations!


    Visit the best wineries and olive oil manufacturers in Croatia! The high-quality producers of the region will spoil you with tastings and give you an insight into their craft.


    Culinary delights can be found in the numerous restaurants and traditional konobas in Istria. Fresh fish is a way of life here!